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By Sarah Wilson
We all hear that processed sugar is bad for us but how do we give it up entirely and is it really possible? I picked this book up not because I was in the quest to “quit” sugar forever but I was interested in how I might reduce my sugar intake overall. I rarely eat processed sugar but I was still intrigued with this author’s experiment turned way-of-life journey. This is a well -written book. Ms. Wilson is a qualified health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. What I love the most are the 108 recipes that offer creative, delicious food without missing sugar!! Pretty foodie photos too!



Christy's Non Toxic Lifestyle | Books I Love | Goddesses Never AgeGoddesses Never Age — The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being

By Dr. Christiane Northrup
Who doesn’t want to be a goddess, I ask? I’m in! This is Dr. Northrup’s sixth book-you probably have heard of her first, New York Times bestseller back in the 1994 with “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. This book has been like a health bible to many women over the years. In this latest book Dr. Northrup shares wonderful anti-aging guidelines emphasizing our healthy connections to ourselves and others, enjoying fulfilling sexual lives, and shifting our ideas about what vitality looks like. She provides personal stories and everyday exercises that give inspiration to “aging like a goddess!”




Christy's Non Toxic Lifestyle | Books I Love | The Alkaline CureThe Alkaline Cure — LoseWeight, Gain Energy and Feel Young

By Dr. Stephan Domenig
One of the most significant things I’ve learned about health over the years is that if your body is acidic, you will most likely contract disease. With a goal of maintaining a mostly alkaline body, you will be in the driver’s seat to staying healthy. This terrific book answers all of your questions. delivers a 14 day plan and provides PH strips in helping to achieve alkaline goals. In addition, Dr. Domenig provides over 40 easy recipes that help one relearn and maintain more of an alkaline balance to one’s body. What I also learned is that with alkaline balance one has more energy, can drop weight more easily and stay healthy!




Christy's Non Toxic Lifestyle | Books I Love | The China StudyThe China Study

By T. Collin Campbell, PhD and
Thomas, M. Campbell II, MD
According to Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, “Everyone in the field of nutrition science stands on the shoulders of Dr. Campbell, who is one of the giants in the field. This is one of the most important books about nutrition ever written-reading it may save your life.”

It’s pretty hard to top that but the reason I love this book is because it presents real life-saving information regarding diet. This is a totally readable book detailing the studies done by the author and his son that reveal solid information regarding the relationship between diet and disease. While dispelling many health myths and the misinformation we get from various sources, I feel this book tells us how it is. Why call it the China study? Read this book and be prepared to be surprised!

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