When I used to hear about “alternative therapies” I immediately thought of yoga and acupuncture. Yoga has taken off and is such a big part of our culture today. In the last several years many insurance companies have started recognizing acupuncture and chiropractic care as alternative therapies in practicing wellness or “preventive care.”

Actually, the healing arena is exploding—here are some alternatives:

Tai Chi Reflexology Juicing Acupressure
Tapping Drumming Aromatherapy Hormone balancing
Ayurveda Cranial Sacral Chinese Medicine Feng Shui
Cupping Qigong Shiatsu Crystals
Massage Reiki Electromagnetic Meditation
Nutritional Pilates Sound Healing Body Manipulation

There’s a wonderful world out there of therapies or what I call “tools“ that can be complementary to many western protocols. Most health practitioners will tell you that disease is a combination of immune system and toxic overload accumulated over time. What is not so widely taught and what I’ve learned is that optimal health can be achieved by using not just one but rather a combination of healing “tools.”

Hormone replacement therapy has gotten such a bad rap over the years and yet we’ve come so far with new treatments to help manage hormone imbalances. Wait until you hear the latest on the wonders of bioidentical hormones! Hormone balancing is so critical to the smooth running of our finely tuned bodies.

I look forward to sharing with you several of these alternative practices that I have found hugely significant to my overall health and disease prevention. We are so lucky to live in a world and time where there are multiple opportunities and “tools” to ensure the best possible health. Our choice used to be just seeing your doctor. Now it’s so much more! All we have to do is educate ourselves on what’s available.