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Did you know that many of one’s “aches and pains” can be attributed to poor postural alignment? Believe it or not, foot, knees, hip, back, shoulder and neck pain can all be attributed to walking incorrectly and leaning to one side or the other without even knowing it. The good news, and I speak from personal experience, is that MOST of these issues can be treated successfully without analgesics and/or surgery. More good news, you can get help with a personalized session from a certified postural alignment therapist on zoom in the comfort of your home. Interested? Read on…

During the past several years, I’ve been having successful treatment with an incredibly gifted certified postural alignment therapist. I transitioned to online sessions during Covid, even after Kayla moved out-of-state. Think seeking physical therapy with a specialist in postural alignment, all at home and with verifiable results. Trust me, if you do the exercises, you will reap the positive results.

Recently I tried to up my weightlifting/strength training game and ended up injuring my neck. The printout exercises that Kayla had provided previously could not be done without further inflammation to my neck. Kayla and I met through Zoom, and she provided modifications that I could do without abandoning my entire routine. Three weeks later, my neck is feeling 95% and I have a floor routine using weights that don’t irritate my neck. Who knew? At some point, I’ll be able to transition to upright strength training, but for now, I’m gaining strength while alleviating pain in vulnerable areas.

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How one walks affects one’s posture.

In a notebook I currently keep postural alignment routines (for before and after) that address long car rides and airline travel, rowing, and walking that keep me properly “stacked” as Kayla says so that I can keep my scoliosis and neck issues in check. As many of you know and as I’ve come to learn, body/diseases are management issues. I’m never going to NOT have scoliosis and it does impact my shoulders and neck, but my daily regimen REALLY empowers me to not feel victimized and to be able to TAKE CHARGE to manage these issues. I can certainly minimize pain and slow the progression.

I have several friends who get periodic injections to treat bulging discs. This is also something Kayla can address and has several clients who have been able to get off the injection routine and avoid surgery. I’ve asked Kayla to expound a little on that subject in case it speaks to one of you, my readers. Her schedule is very flexible, and I can’t recommend her enough!

As you can see, I’m a fan and I’d love to introduce Kayla to you!

Kayla’s Own Introduction to Posture Therapy

I am so grateful I found posture therapy when I did. I corrected major pelvic imbalances that were leading to improper usage of my hips, and in turn, symptoms of sciatica, low back pain, and knee pain. One of the more difficult issues was migraines with aura. Previously, I’d lose an entire day or two due to these because all I knew to do was to lay down in a dark, quiet room. Now, I very rarely have migraines come on, and if one does – I can stop the symptoms quickly and avoid the head pain and nausea! The best part is I have my whole day back now.

Thanks to posture therapy and knowing the root causes of my symptoms, I have been able to eliminate pains, know how to properly sustain better alignment, and strengthen my body in balance to avoid larger issues long term. – Kayla Fitzpatrick

Herniated Discs

An alignment issue that posture therapy commonly helps with is disc herniations/bulges. Discs that are put under enough pressure will bulge or extrude from between the vertebrae. The vertebral alignment is what posture therapy helps with, and in turn allows the disc more room to go back into place (releasing its previous pressure on the nerves).

Christy Begien | Christy's Non Toxic LifestyleThrough corrective postural exercises, one is able to create quick change in the positioning of the bones through proper muscle activation. For example, if someone’s pelvis is higher on one side, the spine will be forced to tilt or curve, leading the vertebrae to change in alignment and therefore place unequal pressure on each disc…one or two of which may bulge enough to create noticeable pain.

If the pelvic elevation is not corrected, the spine will not sit straighter, and the symptoms from the disc herniations will most likely worsen over time. Posture Therapy is known as a successful method of correcting disc herniations with no physical manipulation or invasive procedures. If someone is wanting to avoid surgery, they should place their focus on structural alignment change, not on quick fixes that only mask their pain temporarily.

Steroid Injections to Treat Herniated Discs

Steroid injections are used as a method of temporary pain relief. Though the pain may be relieved, the underlying issue of spinal misalignment would not have been corrected. People may be inclined to return to their regular activities because they don’t feel the pain. The risk here is the potential of further damaging their spine without knowing it until the effects of the injection have worn off, leading the person to start the problematic cycle again with more injections. The question is: would you rather mask the problem until surgery is the only option, or are you willing to put in the work to help your spine be as healthy and aligned as possible?

These are opinions based upon my experience as a posture therapist and working with dozens of clients who had spinal misalignments and/or injuries. If you are in extreme pain and are seeking medical advice, please contact your doctor or the nearest hospital.

Christy Begien | Christy's Non Toxic LifestyleAbout Kayla Fitzpatrick

Kayla has been intrigued by body movement and alignment from a very young age. She has spent the last few decades training, teaching, and professionally performing dance of all kinds, including classical ballet, modern, acrobatics, Irish dance, hip hop, samba and much more. She began assistant teaching dance classes at age eleven. This long term experience teaching others how to move their bodies made it an effortless transition into educating her clients through posture therapy.

Her extensive knowledge of movement naturally led her to become certified through the Egoscue Institute as a Posture Alignment Specialist in 2017, soon gaining an Exercise Therapy Skills certification, and later was certified as an Advanced Exercise Therapist. After moving to Utah in 2022, she opened Thrive. She’s thrilled to help more people succeed in their health journey.

Kayla takes pride in allowing the time to understand what each client needs in order to reach wellness. During sessions, you can expect her full attention, positive attitude, and caring nature to help you feel motivated to reach your goals. Thrive Alignment is ready to help you, so don’t delay your health another day – get in touch now! To visit her website, go to: And, check out her Instagram link:

Peace and Good Health!

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