Christy Begien | Non Toxic ServicesI am happy to provide the following services:

In-home Consultation

  • The idea of switching over to non toxic products can be overwhelming and expensive. In addition, sometimes our home or office environments can use a little creative help in making the air quality more healthy for ourselves and those who live with us.Pricing: Free  60 -minute consultation for those living in the greater Denver area. Outside of Denver,   $15 for travel and mileage or prorated depending on the distance and location.

Feng Shui Consultation

  • As a certified Feng Shui consultant, I can come to your home or office and assist with creating a more balanced and harmonious, and thus healthy living or work environment. Pricing: $75 for a 60 minute consultation, including a written recommendation to be followed within one week. Outside of Denver, an added $15 for travel and mileage or prorated depending on the distance and location.

Product Research

  • We all know research takes time, and most of us are so busy with work, families and other commitments. Give me a subject matter on anything from non toxic mattresses to the best non toxic nursery furniture and I’ll provide you with my top 3 recommendations within a week. Pricing: $150 for 3 hours research and my top 3 recommendations within one week. (Disclaimer-these are my recommendations following thorough and mindful research.

Product Recommendation Bundles

  • For those of you who want to change out your current products at home, I am happy to help you do this in “phases.” and provide you with a list of recommendations per category. Pricing: $25 per list to include no fewer than 6 recommendations (Includes lists for health and beauty products, food, herbs, cleaning products, children’s products, exercise, gardening and pets)

As many of you know, I started this blog and site with the goal of bringing awareness to living a non toxic lifestyle. My goal is disease “prevention” and if I can share my knowledge from previous experience and what I’ve learned, please let me share it with you!

To make an appointment for any my consulting services or to sign up for product research please contact me at : or 720-295-8798