I started this blog to help bring awareness to healthier lifestyle options. I’m not a doctor but I have learned, and truly believe, that “prevention” is a key to staying healthy in a world that can be pretty toxic.  I continually search for information that can help me make better life choices to hopefully avoid “preventable” illness and disease and just have a higher quality of life. My goal and hope is that I can present this information in easy, non-clinical ways. I hope that we all can feel empowered to be “proactive” about the state of our health vs. “reactive.”

Let’s not wait until we are sick or have a major disease diagnosis. We can control so much more than we think. By becoming our own best advocates, and by making the right choices, we make those daily choices part of our lifestyle. We CAN live long, happy, balanced, and healthy lives, even in a toxic world. Maybe we can even help make it less toxic. I hope that you will find and apply at least one nugget of information that helps you stay healthy in some way. If so, I will know I’m on the right track.

Peace and Good Health to everyone!

Christy Begien | The Non Toxic Lifestyle