Non Toxic Choices

What’s wonderful in this day and age is the range of nontoxic products found in everything we use everyday. We are exposed to chemicals and toxins all the time, even when we don’t see them, we find ourselves making choices about what to put “in” and “on” our bodies as well as being concerned about what toxins we are inhaling. While we can’t eliminate everything in the air we can’t see, we can create healthy living and working environments that reduce the toxic load that we are exposed to. Even five years ago some of these choices were expensive but I’m happy to say that today, many and most of the nontoxic choices offered here can be found inexpensively or can be made. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Read more:

One of the things about chemicals is that they are now known to negatively impact our hormones and reproductive systems. Hormones help control our growth, responses to stress and our reproductive systems. Chemicals can cause diseases, allergies, behavioral changes and more…I recently read that cancer is the #1 killer of children under the age of 15, which is greater than any other disease. Our neurological functions are also compromised when exposed to toxins and chemicals.

In addition, we are contributing to major environmental changes. I know you’ve heard about the chemicals/toxins in plastic, our food, water, cleaning products, cosmetics, outdoor lawn and gardening products and clothing. We also have to take care of the health of our pets…they are lower to the ground than we are. They’re more susceptible to illness from pesticides and so much of the pet food out there is also toxic for them in the long run. I’ll be talking more about all of these issues and how you can make simple, inexpensive changes to keep you and your family as chemical free as possible. I invite you to at least consider these non toxic choices that I will be suggesting as we go along.