The Best Present for New Year’s Day!

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As you ponder the concept of the “best present,” what would that mean to you?

Would it be leaving behind the rough patches of 2019, hoping to scratch that winning lottery ticket, or finding out you may have a new job offer coming your way?

So many of us spend so much time reflecting on the past year and planning for a new year full of opportunities.

How much time on January 1st do we spend reviewing, hoping, planning? Is there a better gift to behold on the first day of the new year? Yes, there is!

Your “presence” is the PRESENT!

No past, no future, just the blessings of today!

Peace and Good Health!

Christy Begien | The Non Toxic Lifestyle

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  1. Kirsten Thomas  January 1, 2020

    Happy New Year and many blessings to you and Mike!

    • Christy Begien  January 2, 2020

      And Happy New Year Year to you, Kirsten! So appreciate your support over the many years! Blessings and Love to you and your family!