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Several years ago I wrote about a wonderful pain management protocol that was introduced to me by a good friend. (Thank you, Phyllis Mitz!) I was preparing for a 10-day bicycle trip and my training was just making a back problem worse. One of the therapists, here at Egoscue of Denver, helped me enormously with excellent postural exercises and voila, huge relief and a successful bike trip!

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A physical chiropractic manipulation

Two weeks ago, my right shoulder blade slipped out of place. This happens twice a year, a result of sleeping on my side but curling too much inwards. I’ve been blessed to have my chiropractor manipulate it back into place, usually with 24 hours.

Note: Don’t sleep in a fetal position!

Since his office is closed due to the Covid virus, I had been living with pain until I saw that our local Egoscue of Denver center was helping people online! A week ago, I connected with another brilliant therapist, and she and I hooked up through ever-popular Zoom for a 50-minute session.

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An example of an at home Egoscue exercise

My shoulder blade wasn’t hurting as much as the inflammation occurring in my right arm and giving me what felt like “tennis elbow” as a result of tendons and fascia being tugged from the misplaced shoulder blade. The rhomboid muscle was in great distress, and thus my arm.

My first session was tough, but I did get relief. The therapist was able to watch and guide me through each of several exercises that are empowering me to take control of my pain. What I love about the Egoscue Method, is that the therapists follow up by emailing the list of the exercises with guidelines for performing them. In addition, when you click on a link, you can see someone actually performing the exercises so that you remember proper body alignment.

This past Tuesday, I realized that while my therapist and I were together, she is hunkering in Salt Lake City. Ah, the beauty of this digital technology!

Christy Begien | Christy's Non Toxic Lifestyle

The convenience of online sessions to be safe

I signed up for a package of sessions to continue the progress of pain management with my shoulder blade and arm, but also because I benefit from some of the other exercises that have kept me pain-free in my back and hips. I also have scoliosis, so new regular exercises will go a long way to managing further curvature development. Not that they provide a cure for the curvature, but rather an improvement to all the muscles that provide support to my hips, back and shoulders. As most of you readers know, I’m big into prevention!

If any of you are dealing with pain issues and can’t get to your local chiropractor or acupuncturist, I highly recommend contacting Egoscue of Denver, especially given the beauty of their available distance sessions. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. There is no need to live in pain.

If you missed my blog post on the previous success I had with the Egoscue Method for my back, here’s the link:

Blessings and Good Health to you all, in Mind, Body and Spirit, during these challenging and uncertain times.

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