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I wrote about “The Power of Two” last year as an exercise in de-cluttering, intended to reduce the crush of feeling overwhelmed. Many of us dread home projects because they can loom so large in our minds. Truth is, many times they are large. My daily mantra for the past year has been “the power of two, the power of two,” in helping me find empowerment, accomplishment and change in my daily actions and habits.

Welcome to January, the month that offers us fresh opportunities to look at things in a new light. Many of us are invigorated by the cooler temperatures and a new year. This first week of January, I’m proposing “The Power of Two,” choosing two items from this list to put us on firmer ground in living a non-toxic life with intention and purpose.

For me, I’m picking two that will set the stage for better habits as we move into and out of the holiday season, a mere few weeks and months away.  This year I believe by making two, easy changes this month, I will be less stressed, will have more time and money, and will not get sick this winter.

In addition, I will be well on my way whatever this year brings. I won’t feel guilty but rather empowered at the beginning of the year and may even be ready to add two more from the list. I hope you find two “do-able” items from this list that empowers you to be “proactive” in living a non-toxic life with intention and purpose.

The Non Toxic Lifestyle | Christy Begien

Cooking at home, with a focus on adding more veggies into your meals, is a healthy and cost effective habit to try out!


  • Buy seasonally
  • Stick to the Dirty Dozen or Clean Fifteen recommendations
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Increase fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • Replace canned items for fresh or frozen
  • Replace “fast food” with the “slow food” and cook more at home
  • Eat less
  • Replace meat with more fruits, vegetables and grains
  • Seek help if you have digestive issues (doctor or nutritionist)
The Non Toxic Lifestyle | Christy Begien

Trying something new, like Reiki, offers complimentary healing to western medicine. Plus it FEELS great!

General Health

  • Increasing exercise by one level
  • Try a new form of exercise
  • Engage in buddy or family exercise
  • Get a dog
  • Try one new form of alternative therapy
  • Quality vs. quantity
  • Be proactive vs. reactive when dealing with what life throws you
  • Stay closely connected to those in your life who “lift you up”
The Non Toxic Lifestyle | Christy Begien

Rather than shopping, why not try spending time and experiences with a person you care about. It offers a deeper connection and more fulfillment, than the acquisition of more things.


  • Ask “Do I need it, do I love it?” (Power of Two!!)
  • Fill grocery cart and take two things out
  • Check out recycling and consigning programs
  • Reduce trips to stores and be more creative with what you have
  • Set goal for saving more, spending less
  • Create gifts, instead of buying them (time, service, experience)


  • The Non Toxic Lifestyle | Christy Begien

    The great thing about meditating is you can do it anywhere!

    Try meditating and mindful breathing

  • Volunteer (“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mohandas Gandhi)
  • Practice the Art of Doing Nothing to find your higher self
  • Read spiritual books
  • Practice gratitude
  • “See and experience” nature


  • Read your email or texts at home vs. on your smartphone for free time off the grid
  • The Non Toxic Lifestyle | Christy Begien

    Eliminating blue light distractions before bedtime ensures a healthy night’s sleep for everyone!

    Replace the unhealthy blue light from computers, smartphones, TVs and electronic readers with yellow light, and read from books or magazines one hour before bedtime

  • Check social media twice per day and be satisfied until the next time you log in
  • No electronics within 20 feet of your sleeping area

As stated in my earlier post, the small slow and steady steps reveal the largest benefits. I don’t know anyone who keeps weight off with those fast weight-loss programs. And studies show that real change occurs with commitment and action for 21 days. I’m offering you the opportunity to pick two areas that mean something to you, my dear readers, and to put them into play each day over the next four months!

Not so bad, eh? But make sure you’ve picked the right two for you!

Slow and Steady Good Health!

Christy Begien | The Non Toxic Lifestyle



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