July 2015

One Step At A Time

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If any of you who have read my blogs think I have this whole non-toxic lifestyle down pat, well, I’m here to share that I’m on a journey like the rest of you! I have learned so much over the course of the past 12 years and continue to learn, each and everyday.

Today I’d like to invite you, my readers, to help me with one of my non-toxic lifestyle challenges. I see my hairdresser every five weeks to color my gray. Yes, I’m a bit vain and am not ready to transition into gray quite yet. While I have found and purchased wonderful organic hair “products” from my salon, I’m having a hard time finding an organic coloring line that would bring me the results that I currently get using non-organic color. Part of my hair color process also involves highlighting, which I love, but know carries some chemicals.

I’ve spent the past few years thinking a lot about this-what if I find a great organic coloring system that is a healthier choice but the results aren’t the same as what I have now. If I’m pursuing a non-toxic lifestyle 90% of the time, can I feel comfortable using these chemicals on my hair? Most of you who know me know that I don’t subscribe to any extreme but I definitely lean towards natural, thus my blog. My goal is to make healthy and affordable choices that greatly reduce my body’s absorption of toxins in any environment. I use non-toxic nail products but admit that when I’m going to be away for a long period, I will treat myself to a gel manicure with chemicals that will last me two weeks. It’s definitely challenging making some of these choices.

My hairdresser, Alex, is the best and very flexible, offering that if I find an organic hair color, she’d be willing to try with me.

I’d be very interested in you, my readers’ thoughts on this and of course, any organic hair color “finds” that you would be willing to share. We’re all in this together!

Peace and Good Health!

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Going non-toxic can seem overwhelming, especially with the amount of information available. Each month I’m going to try to suggest an easy tip for going in that direction.

First, decide what area of your life you would like to pursue living more non-toxically. For instance, if you’ve selected diet, print out the list of the Dirty Dozen and keep it with you as you shop. Buy what you can afford. Mindfulness when repeated, leads to good habits and I guarantee you’ll feel good about this one easy step to living a healthier, non-toxic lifestyle.

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  1. Tess  August 31, 2015

    A friend of mine in town bases her studio off of organic products. I just called her and asked for you. She said there’s not a product out there there’s completely “non-toxic” in every way, but the product that she loves that is the ‘least toxic’ (no amonia and some other stuff she said but I didn’t catch) is a company called Keune and the line is “So Pure”. Tess-Denver, CO

  2. Phyllis  August 31, 2015

    BLESS YOu for trying to find this!
    I cringe every 2 months as my hairdresser squirts that horribly smelling concoction onto my head. I have gorgeous red hair with highlights…. but at what cost?
    ahhhhh. vanity.
    lol ! thank you for your research…. when we find someone who is good at achieving beautiful results with a natural product their business will be soooo busy for us and our referrals, right??
    (BTW my hairdresser who lives a very natural, cancer-survivor lifestyle, claims good, truly natual color does not exist yet. I hope she is incorrect. Again, thank you for looking…)

  3. Erin  September 1, 2015

    Hi there, my friend! I, too, struggle with this issue. I don’t get my hair done as often as you but I look at it this way — I’m doing the best I can in all areas and if my hair has chemicals in it but the color/cut makes me feel fabulous, I will just go with it. Having my hair (now that it’s finally back) look like my hair is pretty important.

    I haven’t tried any organic/nontoxic brands for hair color but my friend does and she’s gone back and forth because they don’t last as long or are as nice.

    Hope this helps! Erin-Boston, MA


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