October 2015

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How Can I Make Our Visits Something To Look Forward To?

Okay, so many of you know I’m passionate about researching and sharing many of my personal experiences and stories as part of my non-toxic journey. I love to share the wonderful products and practitioners that have come to be part of my daily life-style. In my energetic quest to share, I believe I’ve come to be one of “those people.” You know who I’m talking about-the ones on social media that tweet and post to Facebook at least 20 times a day.

We all have our reasons for sharing but I sense in my efforts to share, some of the information is becoming irrelevant, simply because there is so much coming at us each day. I, myself, get weary. My personal challenge this month is to find the “sweet spot” in sharing with you, my readers, what I feel brings the most “value” to you. Maybe you don’t need or even want to hear from me each day, whether it’s through a newsletter post, tweet or Facebook post. Personally, I find myself reading information from those who share once a week. I love my friends and those enthusiastic “sharers” but frankly, I can’t read everything they post. I have a life and you all have a life.

Last fall I posted an article on “Managing Life in a Connected World.” This past month, especially with the added abundance of information as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I keep asking myself, what do I have to offer that is of great value and that could be different from what else is out there? Will what I have to say make a positive difference in someone’s life or am I simply part of the chatter?

For me, for you, there needs to be balance. If we saw each other every day, would we not lose the “specialness” that comes from a less frequent visit? I love cherry pie but if I ate it everyday I’m pretty sure I’d lose interest at some point. I honor my time and your time and I welcome your most honest feedback, loyal readers. How can I make our visits something to look forward to and perhaps you have other ideas for how I might share with you on my site, on your terms.

Peace and Good Health!

Top 10 Travel Tips for Staying Healthy

“Let the games begin!” We all have heard that Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year. While the beginning of the holiday season brings us together for joyful times with family and friends, we are also at a higher risk for getting sick when we jump on an airplane to visit them.

In the spirit of recognizing how busy we all are, and wanting to simplify this post, here is my Top 10 Travel Tips for staying healthy while flying this year:

  1. Check out the product: NO JET LAG. I highly recommend trying this natural product, especially if you’re flying across at least two time zones.
  2. Bring an empty water bottle with you to the airport and refill it once you are through security.
  3. Dried fruit and nuts are a great alternative to less healthy travel snacks like fast food or candy with additives.
  4. Bring disinfectant wipes.
  5. Bring your own blanket, wrap and pillow.
  6. Dress comfortably and seasonally.
  7. Move and stretch.
  8. Try to avoid people who are sick.
  9. Try to use the plane restroom infrequently. Don’t touch your eyes.

read more on each tip

Tips For Going
Non Toxic

Use What You Have

I’m reminded everyday when I open my pantry that there are items that I can use for so many things.

Baking soda – a great deodorizer in the back of the fridge; add to your shampoo to get rid of excess film and residue; freshen your carpet – sprinkle, sit for 15 mins. and vacuum; add water and you have an instant insect anti-itch paste!

White Vinegar – kill bathroom germs by using around your sink and tub; throw in your washing machine with clothing to preserve the colors while disinfecting your washer drum AND reduce static cling; mix half water & half vinegar to clean your fridge.

Olive Oil – use as shaving cream – your skin will be very soft; pan cook your next batch of popcorn for a healthier version; remove paint or grease from your hands by mixing olive oil with sugar or salt and voila!

What’s Christy

Radical Remission – Surviving Cancer
Against All Odds
by Kelly A. Turner, PhD

I have purchased many copies of this book and shared them with friends going through cancer treatment.

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Product of the Month

The Cancer Planner
Designed & Founded by Julie Grimm

This is one of the best resources out there! From day one with a diagnosis through treatment, Julie’s leather Cancer Planner offers a place to keep track of all aspects of one’s treatment.

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  1. Patti  October 29, 2015

    Hi CB! Just a quick reply to your post to say yes, too much coming at us every day… impossible to read a fraction of it and still do the work I want/need to do. Among other things, the eyes get strained. 🙁 So, I would say fewer posts… or maybe shorter posts. (?)


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