Summer Fruit – How Much Sugar?

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It’s almost time and we’re starting to see more  fruits and veggies are coming into abundance. Each summer I can hardly wait for those big, ripe, juicy organic cherries and grapes to arrive at the markets. Sadly, but honestly, I admit to gorging on more than a few in any one sitting. It’s healthy fruit, right? Well, while they’re healthy, they do contain natural sugars, so it’s important to be mindful in keeping helpings to a palm sized serving.

Want to know which of our season’s yummy fruits are lowest and highest in sugars? Check out the chart below for the numbers!

Christy Begien | Christy's Non Toxic Lifestyle

For more info on the difference between the sugar in fruit and in other foods, click here.

And if you’re like me and want to start cutting back on your sugar intake, I highly recommend the book, “I Quit Sugar” by Sarah Wilson. I picked up Sarah’s book last fall because I was interested in dialing-down my sugar consumption. Not sure I was committed to “quitting” completely, but found her book very educational. Sarah is a health-oriented Aussie, journalist, television host, blogger and health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. You know me, I love a good researcher, so she really struck a chord with me.

Her book is chock full of great information on how sugar impacts our bodies (in many negative ways), and includes a full eight-week detox program and 108 easy, sugar-free recipes. I’m a fan of her Berry Yogurt Smoothie and Sugar-Free Nutella! To order, click on her book to the right!

It’s summer and let’s all mindfully enjoy the bounty that comes with the season!

Peace and Good Health!


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Ayurveda by Curejoy-Fruit Chart
Sarah Wilson-“I Quit Sugar”

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