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It’s been a while since I’ve written. Call it COVID-brain or whatever, but I’ve been more in a reflective mode these past few months than a writing mode. First and most importantly, I hope all of you and your loved ones are staying safe and well during this time. This pandemic truly tests us daily in mind, body and spirit. While our lives have certainly changed during the past 10 months, the one thing that hasn’t changed are the January reminders re: “goal setting” and creating “new habits” for 2022. In exploring “words” in relation to “habits” in this post, I’m going to share some of my AHA! moments.

*In going forward in this post, please note that certain “positive” words, are in bold.

How many of you have heard friends or family describe certain habits as non-negotiable? Examples: time for running or other exercise, afternoon tea, meditation. To me, what they’re declaring is an activity that is considered sacred to them. In one dictionary, sacred is described as
“something that is considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion.”

For me, this year I’m expanding my healthy living and self-care practices by intentionally choosing words that I consider “sacred.”

As noted in a recent post from the Daily Om:

“When we live with intent, we own our actions; instead of habitually performing them.”

Intent is one of the cornerstones of the Zen tradition of Buddhism in which monks work for years to develop the stillness and sharpness of mind to do only one thing at a time.

Did you know that sacred presents itself in so many of the ordinary moments of our day? If only we are aware. An example: sixteen years ago, prior to being diagnosed with cancer, I would bemoan the 20 minutes that it would take to blow dry my hair. Following a cancer treatment that left me hairless for a good year, these days I honor the practice of drying my hair. Each. And. Every. Day.

Christy Begien | Christy's Non Toxic LifestyleHere are some of the words that will follow me in this year’s sacred practices:


I choose:
Love over fear
Trust over fear
Intention over reaction
Light over darkness
Enough over lack
Connection over isolation
Kindness over cruelty
Slow over fast
Christy Begien | Christy's Non Toxic LifestyleMindful over inattention


I choose:
Awareness in all the way I move my body
Nourishment instead of just feeding
Honoring all working aspects of my being


I choose:
Christy Begien | Christy's Non Toxic LifestyleNourishment
Letting go


An important word in my blog is “lifestyle” – “The typical way of life of an individual, group or culture.”

For me, a “healthy lifestyle” to my Mind/Body/Spirit means:

      1. Identifying all that carries “value.”
      2. Having “desire” because without it, not a thing can happen.
      3. Having “intention” to bring “desire” to fruition.

Words do matter. We all respond to that which motivates us. Thanks for allowing me to share that which is calling me in this new year. Many of us practice gratitude on a daily basis. Isn’t there sacredness to this? Whether it’s your daily walk, meal preparation, or exercise regime, how might you find “sacred” in those “habits” or moments?

Christy Begien | Christy's Non Toxic LifestyleOver the past six years, I’ve researched, lived and written articles based on looking at ways in which we might all live healthier lifestyles. I have to admit that “habits” and “lists” haven’t brought me to the top of the list when it comes to self-care. I’m happy to report that since changing those words to “sacred” and bringing about more awareness to positive words, I’m experiencing more successes. I hope you have or find words that matter and motivate you too, in living your highest self.

Peace and Good Health,

Christy Begien | The Non Toxic Lifestyle




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