• Thanks I need this! We have plenty of rabbits and we are getting ready to plant our vegetable garden. Those Wascally Wabbits! –Chris H | Denver, CO

  • Christy — Thank you for providing such great information on toxic toe treatments. I love to have my toenails painted (but usually don’t because of the bother of keeping up the polish), but if I do, I will definitely follow your advice. Thank you! Non Toxic Toes for Spring! –Sheri F | Grand Junction, CO

  • I Love Snowshoeing! This is one of the most versatile winter activities and can be as easy or difficult as you like. Not to mention a great way to see some backcountry! Snowshoeing – The Top Winter Calorie Burn! –Chris H | Denver, CO

  • Yikes. Who knew? Glad my newer Gaiam is on the safe list. Will E-mail to yoga friends. Thank you sharing your knowledge and research! Just Say No… to Toxic Yoga Mats! –Susan S | Denver, CO

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