• Christy, your reflective, informed, beautiful writing is soul enriching on a deeply personal level. Thank you for sharing your insightful life learning. What a treat every week. Thank you to the Healers in our Lives!–Janet W | CA

  • Thank you for such a great article about this issue with all the helpful links! I have always been nervous about chemical dry cleaning and it’s great to know that there are alternatives out there. Keep up the great, non-toxic life tips! How did I get PERC on my party dress?–Anne H | Seattle, WA

  • Wonderful tips, Christy! And very much needed for all of us, especially, as you say, this time of year! Thanks you for your wonderful, informative blogs! Top 10 Travel Tips for Staying Healthy–Marcia R | Evergreen, CO

  • Wow! I have recently started wondering about this very topic. It seems to me that breast cancer among women in their early 30′s is becoming rapidly common. As I began to think of a possible link beauty products came to mind. Your article is ver informative and I will share this widely! The Perils of Parabens!–Chris H | Denver, CO

  • Call me a hippie, but I love love love when my husband and I are asked what gifts WE would like to see given to our kids. The answer is never "toys!" or "candy!" Strong believers in experience over stuff! Thanks for posting. LESS IS MORE! (unless it's nutella. Then more is more.) How to have MORE money, LESS stress and MORE fun this holiday season!–Tess C | Grand Junction, CO

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