• Very interesting! That is something I did not know. I too am hypothyroid and take morning meds... I have been trying to add iodine to my diet and eat brazil nuts but it’s good to know to spread out the veggies. Kale: Caped Crusader or Thyroid Threat? –Laura B | Charleston, SC

  • I knew kale was not my wonder-veggie! lol! This was a fantastic, eye-opening article - especially considering how many are struggling with Hashimoto's disease and have no idea these veggies can be complicating matters.I certainly had no idea about the iodine-blocking. And I have certainly felt the fatigue during a cleanse. Thank you for putting this out - I am sure you are blowing a few minds with this piece. Kale: Caped Crusader or Thyroid Threat? –Phyllis M | Los Angeles, CA

  • The Power of Two really hit home for me. As I looked at my file cabinet, bursting with paper, I wanted to attack it in my usual manner....get it all done NOW. But with many things on my to do list that day, I only had time to sort through TWO files. As I closed the drawer, knowing I had only done a little of the cleanout I had hoped, I remembered the Power of Two and consciously decided to be happy those two files were clean, and accept the others will get done in due time. The choice to be content with doing SOME and not ALL is a real growth opportunity for me! Thank you Christy for giving us this fresh perspective on the usual "New Year....Do This! Organize That!" which can leave me feeling defeated before I even start. The “Power of Two” for 2015!–Caroline R | Raleigh, NC

  • I absolutely love this. It makes so much sense and makes everything seem manageable! So often I never get started on a project because I am overwhelmed by the amount of work, when really if I just took 2 little steps at a time I would be on my way and eventually finish it. This really might be the antidote for procrastination! Thank you for posting! The “Power of Two” for 2015!–Anne H | Seattle, WA

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